[whatwg] Issues relating to the syntax of dates and times

On Tue, 25 Nov 2008, Pentasis wrote:
> "The primary use cases for these elements are for marking up publication 
> dates e.g. in blog entries, and for marking event dates in hCalendar 
> markup. Thus the DOM APIs are likely to be used as ways to generate 
> interactive calendar widgets or some such."
> I agree with this, so disregard my previous remarks on this subject. I 
> would however recommend dropping the word "primary".

I wouldn't want to make people think their particular use case was 
excluded. What if someone wanted to use a date to indicate the time an 
entry was added, for instance? Hence the word "primary".

That whole paragraph might be rewritten in due course though to not refer 
to use cases (I try to keep the spec clear of actually using the term 
explicitly and instead just show the use cases in examples).

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