[whatwg] Deprecating <small> , <b>

Am Montag, den 24.11.2008, 15:10 -0800 schrieb Jonas Sicking:
> Note that the semantic meaning that HTML5 gives it is very weak. All it 
> says is that the text inside the <b> is different from the text outside 
> it. All the existing uses on the web that I've seen are correct 
> according to this semantic definition.
Weak in this case means: Not of much semantic, probably only of presentational use.

So can't we just mark all presentational elements as obsolete in a
clear, consistenst way, instead of trying to redefine them ? Maybe put
them into a "presentational annex" of the spec, that defines rendering
of obsolete elements ?

The thing I am concerned with is that if they are included like
"normal" (read: semantic) elements, authors will probably use them for
new pages.



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