[whatwg] [rest-discuss] HTML5 and RESTful HTTP in browsers

On 17/11/2008 11:29, "mike at mykanjo.co.uk" <mike at mykanjo.co.uk> wrote:
> Does anyone else agree that an Accept attribute would be a useful tool for
> making browser interaction more RESTful? Is it worth persuing this issue with
> the HTML5 working group?

I don't see why the Accept header when following links or requesting images
should be controlled by anything other than the browser.  It's the browser
that has to decide actually render the returned content so it's in the best
position to decide what it can accept, not the page author.

On the other hand, XMLHttpRequest should be able to control the Accept
header because the page author will control the JavaScript which has to
handle the response. I would have thought this was already possible though.

Is there a particular use case you had in mind where the HTML author would
know what the browser accepts better than the browser does?


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