[whatwg] video tag : loop for ever

There were 81 e-mails on the topic of looping audio and video.

I haven't included them here because they were mostly redundant. However, 
I read them all, and it seems that the use cases and feedback boiled down 
to these points:

 1. Feedback: Simplify the API where possible; in particular start/end/ 
    loopStart/loopEnd and so on.

 2. Use case: looping complete tracks of background audio or video without 

 3. Use case: playing a track starting at a particular location without 
    using script that waits for the media to load.

 4. Use case: playing different media segments with only one HTTP request.

To address point 1 I've removed all those attributes and related APIs.

To address point 2 I've added a single attribute "loop", which, when
set, causes the UA to loop back to time=0 when the clip ends.

To address point 3 I would like us to consider using recently begun
work relating to fragment identifiers for media content. I have edited
the spec so that it defers to the fragment identifier or any metadata
in the resource, but I expect we will have to further tweak this.

To address point 4 I would like to rely on a more generic solution
that also addresses this for CSS, images, etc. This could be jar:, or
it could me a MIME multipart solution, or offline caching, or data:
URLs, or something else. However, I think this transcends the media
API and therefore I haven't added anything specifically in this API to
deal with it.

If I have missed a key point, please do let me know. It's quite
possible that I missed something when reading this thread as it was
quite long and had a lot of repetition.

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