[whatwg] Handling <title> inside <body>

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> On Mon, 10 Nov 2008, Tommy Thorsen wrote:

> On Mon, 10 Nov 2008, Tommy Thorsen wrote:
>> From an implementors point of view, it's good to have clearly defined
>> boundaries between modules. An implementation would typically have one
>> module that tokenises and parses html and one module that renders the
>> resulting dom to the screen. If all the unexpected input is dealt with
>> in the parsing module, then you can make some assumptions in the
>> rendering module which can greatly simplify the implementation. Having
>> to deal with an arbitrary amount of illegal input in either module is,
>> IMHO, not the ideal design.
> Unfortunately, we have little choice in the matter. Scripting and XML both
> allow you to unambiguously create highly non-conforming DOMs, e.g. with
> <title> elements as the root element and <html> elements as children of
> <input> elements. The renderer has to deal with all such DOMs.

What does XML has to do with any of this?

A script that adds an HTML element to a INPUT element should cause an
hierarchy exception to be raised.

You have a choice:

1)  leave DOM 1 alone; let the implementation throw an hierarchy exception.
2)  make a standardized behavior for this case.

| Since user agents may vary in how they handle error conditions,
authors and users
| must not rely on specific error recovery behavior.



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