[whatwg] Sections, headers, and styling

It is a quite common practice on current web pages to style the h1..h6
elements to have them blend properly with the overall style of a site.
For HTML4/XHTML1 documents this is quite trivial; but with HTML5 the
"number part" of the heading element doesn't reliably define the
actual heading level anymore (specially when dealing with server-side
includes and / or user-provided content). I have tried to figure out
some CSS selectors to handle this task with HTML 5 documents and they
go completely crazy before getting anywhere near to being accurate:
there is an insane ammount of element-nesting combinations to keep
track of. Is there any sane way to deal with this basic need?

Eduard Pascual

Received on Tuesday, 11 November 2008 15:33:33 UTC