[whatwg] comment on autofocus attribute from Web Forms 2.0 spec

On Mon, 16 Jun 2008, Adele Peterson wrote:
> In HTML5, focus() and blur() are now defined on HTMLElement instead of 
> being restricted to specific form elements.
> In Web Forms 2.0, the autofocus attribute is defined for "any form 
> control (except hidden and output controls)".  It seems like it would 
> make more sense to allow autofocus to be on any HTMLElement, and have it 
> follow the same focusable rules that focus() follows.

While I think this would make sense from a consistency point of view, I 
don't think we want to encourage people to autofocus elements that are not 
built-in controls. The .focus() method is there because otherwise there's 
no way to focus the elements, but autofocus is just a convenience.

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