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Pentasis schrieb:
> This I understand, and I can even sympathise with it. However, I do hope 
> that at least "they" will take this issue seriously and at least try to 
> build in something that will enable "us" to work on that part of the 
> spec independantly later on. I still think that the semantic part has 
> very, very little to do with the technical side of the spec. so 
> somewhere the two should be able to split up.

I am not sure whether I understand you correctly... Of course the 
practical use of a specification lies in its technical implementations, 
or do you disagree with that? You are free to specify your own markup 
language, but it will be useless if there is no kind of mechanism to 
interpret the documents marked up that way. So I don't understand how 
the technical side could be split away.

Received on Wednesday, 5 November 2008 03:15:56 UTC