[whatwg] ---

> Who ever said that the standards are here for browsers?????????

That's the whoe point of standards: to ensure interoperability between
the laters.

> HTML is a markup language that is meant to describe how content is to be
> "tagged" so it can be retrieved based on markup.
> This has absolutely nothing, and I mean NOTHING to do with browsers,
> screenreaders, bots, or even humans as far as I am concerned.

HTML still needs to be interpreted and rendered.

> You mention the DOM for example. Good, the DOM is a way of describing how
> HTML can be implemented in a browser. If you as browser vendors want to
> describe that and agree upon it amongst yourselves...fine, I would welcome
> that.

That's what the WHATWG and W3C are for: to agree a common set of rules
for web technologies.

Thanks for the laugh. Now, think twice before rewritting such non-sense.


Received on Tuesday, 4 November 2008 09:36:10 UTC