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[whatwg] Timing for the poster image appearing for <video>

From: Philip Jägenstedt <philipj@opera.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 08:47:53 +0700
Message-ID: <1214531273.6816.1.camel@localhost>
The current spec allows implementing it like this, but I support the
change as it takes away that unnecessary ambiguity.

On Thu, 2008-06-26 at 18:03 -0700, Adele Peterson wrote:
> Hi all,
> The spec currently states that the poster image specified in the  
> poster attribute for <video> can show up either when no video data is  
> available or when a video element is paused and the current playback  
> position is the first frame of video.
> The second situation seems like it would allow the poster image to be  
> displayed when a user rewinds the video back to the beginning while  
> paused.  I think it would make more sense to just allow the poster  
> image to be displayed if the readyState is less than CAN_PLAY, instead  
> of considering the paused state.  The paused state will always be true  
> when the readyState is less than CAN_PLAY, but with this rule, the  
> poster image won't randomly show up in other situations where the  
> video is paused and you're at the beginning.
> Thanks,
> 	Adele
Philip J?genstedt
Opera Software
Received on Thursday, 26 June 2008 18:47:53 UTC

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