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[whatwg] Pre, code and semantics in HTML5: Wishful thinking?

From: Edward Z. Yang <edwardzyang@thewritingpot.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 17:36:53 -0400
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Smylers wrote:
> Why would you need to -- surely you could just put the styling on the
> <code> instead (using pre + code to select only <code> elements inside
> <pre>-s)?

Lets say I want to place a background image of a computer behind spanses
of computer code, but a background image of a console for emulated
console data using samp and kbd.

With HTML 4, I would have done <pre class="code"> (or more likely, just
omitted it and assumed it was computer code by default unless otherwise)
and <pre class="console">.

With <pre><code>, you can't do that. <code> is an inline element, and
the background image doesn't get applied to it in any meaningful way.

I suppose one of the primary distinctions is that if you use
<pre><code>, it's usually because all of it's computer code.

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