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[whatwg] <embed> feedback

From: Kristof Zelechovski <giecrilj@stegny.2a.pl>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 20:40:25 +0200
Non sequitur now that we have allowed expando data attributes on anything,
sequeretur otherwise.
An OBJECT element need not be visible; in Microsoft parlance, can be an
application that defragments your hard drive upon request or enables you
manage the page with a Perl script; I would not expect an EMBED element to
do that.
Note that I understand Ian's points and I am not arguing.  I only want you
to understand what I meant the other time.

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On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, Kristof Zelechovski wrote:
> The embed element should be deprecated because of the expando feature 
> that makes it so special. 

I don't understand the "because" here. This seems like a non-seqitur.

> I understand that having both embed and object can capture some semantic 
> differences where "embed" means "display" and "object" means "run" but 
> breaking the fixed interface rule weighs more than introducing this 
> distinction IMHO.

I don't understand.
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