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[whatwg] Reverse ordered lists

From: Siemova <siemova@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 10:39:05 -0600
Message-ID: <7ab2f40d0801230839u61d46f75w1ad8f463d38a4d0d@mail.gmail.com>
On Jan 23, 2008 10:18 AM, Simon Pieters <simonp at opera.com> wrote:

> It's also interesting how negative numbers and 0 interacts with different
> list type=''s in different browsers...
> http://software.hixie.ch/utilities/js/live-dom-viewer/?%3Col%20type%3Da%20start%3D-2%3E%3Cli%3Ex%3Cli%3Ex%3Cli%3Ex%3Cli%3Ex%3Cli%3Ex

Huh. One would think UA's should ignore negative start values in
non-numerical cases. For that matter, *any *ordered list type ought to
ignore *all *inapplicable start values. Perhaps that ought to be specified
in the recommendation?

> It was pointed out to me that the start='' attribute (and the
> corresponding DOM attribute) currently defaults to 1. This could, AFAICT,
> reaonably trivially be changed to make it depend on the direction of the
> list and the number of <li> children.

Very easily:

if start is not specified
if not reverse
start = 1
start = number of items * step

- Jason
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