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[whatwg] Thoughts on HTML 5

From: Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis <bhawkeslewis@googlemail.com>
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 19:39:09 +0000
Message-ID: <494E9B5D.4050001@googlemail.com>
On 21/12/08 17:22, Nils Dagsson Moskopp wrote:
> Am Sonntag, den 21.12.2008, 17:54 +0100 schrieb Philipp Kempgen:
>> Ian Hickson schrieb:
>>> Deprecating HTML thus seems like vain effort. (We already tried over the
>>> past few years with XHTML 1.x, and it didn't work.)
>> I'd say it _did_ work.  :-)
> I'd say too: The worst abominations have disappeared (for new sites,
> that is). the<font>  element, for example, or frames through deprecating
> them.

You're assuming that's an indication of the power of specifications 
rather than of actual advantages to using CSS or avoiding frames.

What mostly failed, and which Hixie is referring to, was the attempt to 
move the web from a tag soup (text/html) basis to an XML 
(application/xhtml+xml) basis. Perhaps that's because the advantages of 
the later were not persuasive. As I've argued elsewhere in the thread, 
there's money in staying with text/html.

> Does anyone remember<marquee>  ?

That's a bad example. MARQUEE was never standardized in a specification, 
so it was never possible to deprecate it.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis
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