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[whatwg] Scripted querying of <video> capabilities

From: Tim Starling <tstarling@wikimedia.org>
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2008 20:42:54 +1000
Message-ID: <489C232E.9030505@wikimedia.org>
Jeremy Doig wrote:
> how would this work (say) for different avc profile levels and
> features (eg: PAFF support) ?

I don't think that's our problem. The details of determining a type name
for a given file should be in another standard, it should not be in HTML
5. All HTML 5 has to do is delegate responsibility for type assignment.

> would we require video creators to know the specific capabilities of
> every fourCC target ?

Video creators aren't *required* to do anything. They can just embed
their videos in HTML with no specified type and test it on a few
platforms to see if it works.

The point of the interface (from my point of view) is to assist website
designers when they wish to promulgate a new or unpopular video format.
Presumably, the website designer will know the new video format very
well, otherwise they wouldn't bother.

-- Tim Starling
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