[whatwg] postMessage support now in Firefox trunk, implementation issues, feedback, tests

On Wed, 30 Jan 2008, Jeff Walden wrote:
> The spec's incomplete or vague on a few points right now.  The points I 
> know where I forged new ground or think clarifications/explicit notes 
> may be in order are:
> * event.domain/uri values in a rewritten about:blank document The spec 
> seems to somewhat indicate that we should be using about:blank and "" as 
> uri/domain right now, but that's fairly useless in terms of allowing 
> postMessage in dynamically-created pages.  This probably wants to change 
> to reflect the document's origin/principal, and assuming things go the 
> way most browsers have implemented it, this means those values are the 
> same as for the opener of about:blank.  This is tested in 
> test_postMessage_special.xhtml. Note that there are two different tests 
> of this behavior which change the document in slightly different ways, 
> and Mozilla expects them to have the same results right now.


> * event.domain/uri values for IDN URLs
> We use the Unicode-ized values of these, not the Punycode versions.
> (Actually, that's a lie -- what we use depends on whether the relevant TLD is
> whitelisted for non-punycode display or not, which is clearly the wrong
> behavior; at the moment I doubt this will be fixed for Firefox 3, sadly.)  I
> think this is what authors would most likely expect, if not now then when IDN
> is truly widespread (when we'd be stuck with punycode if we were to choose it
> now), but the spec doesn't say anything about IDN yet.


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