[whatwg] ALT and equivalent representation

ALTGROUP is a dirty trick; if you insist on having the images separate,
which you really should not do, you can have 
<image alt="3/5" 
><img src="part1.png" /><img src="part2.png" /><img src="part3.png" 
></image >
This extension would be closer to the meaning IMHO.
Otherwise, what happens if the images that belong to the same ALTGROUP of
yours are not contiguous?
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What about this as a possible solution?

<img src="part1.png" altgroup="rating">
<img src="part2.png" altgroup="rating">
<img src="part3.png" altgroup="rating">
<altgroup id="rating" value="3/5">

I don't think this would raise any serious implementation issues as the 
logic is quite simple; If all elements in an altgroup are unavailable 
then display the value of the altgroup tag. The alt attribute would then 
be optional where altgroup is defined but required in all other cases.


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