[whatwg] Alternate content to OBJECT should not participate in HTTP POST

>are there any webkit and mozilla bugs files on this?
Yes, here are the links:



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From: Michael A. Puls II
Date: 2007-10-25 4:08 PM
> On 10/25/07, Vlad Alexander (xhtml.com) <vlad.alexander at xhtml.com> wrote:
>> Request for the HTML 5 forms section:
>> Alternate content such as form controls should not participate in the HTTP POST if the <object> can be rendered. In this example, if logo.gif can be rendered, then data from <textarea> should not be send to the server:
>> <object data="logo.gif" type="image/gif" width="180" height="60">
>>         <textarea id="abc" name="abc" rows="5" cols="70">Hello World!</textarea>
>> </object>
>> Here is a test page for the above example:
>> http://misc.xstandard.com/mozilla/alternate-content1.asp
>> This causes problems for plug-ins loaded via the <object> element. In this example, the same "name" is used for both the <object> and <textarea> elements because most CMS expect only one field to be submitted from a control.
>> <object name="abc" type="application/x-xstandard">
>>         <param name="Value" value="some text" />
>>         <textarea name="abc">more text</textarea>
>> </object>
>> In the above example, data is sent to the server from both the plug-in (correct) and the alternate content (incorrect).
>> IE and Opera support this. The HTML 5 spec should formally define this behavior.
> Yes, I agree. For this situation, what Opera and IE do is desired.
> For reference, are there any webkit and mozilla bugs files on this?

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