[whatwg] When to stop <video> elements from playing

fantasai wrote:
> Robert O'Callahan wrote:
>> A related question is whether display:none audio and video elements 
>> should produce sound.
> No. "display: none" is defined to affect all media, and that certainly
> should not change for <audio> and <video>.

I think this is different than screen readers not speaking display:none 
text. Both hiding layout frames and silencing screen readers only affect 
the 'rendering' of the contained text, it doesn't otherwise deactivate 
the contained display:none elements:

<style> elements that are display:none still have their stylesheets 
applied to the document.
<script> elements still execute.
Formcontrols are still submitted.
<iframe>s are still loaded.

I think these examples are much more similar to the <video> element and 
its produced sound.

/ Jonas

Received on Tuesday, 23 October 2007 16:53:56 UTC