[whatwg] Google Gears and HTML5

On Tue, 9 Oct 2007, Chris Prince wrote:
> >
> > So how does a page, once cached, stop being cached? There doesn't seem 
> > to be a way to end the caching. In HTML5's model, you have to leave a 
> > blank manifest file forever (or until all your users have been weened 
> > off the old cache manifest) for applications to lose their cache 
> > association.
> The Gears LocalServer module has remove*Store() methods that will end 
> the caching.  Serving a blank manifest works in the Gears model as well.

I considered an API to stop the caching, but that doesn't really work, 
since it requires that the file first be updated, which itself first 
requires the manifest to be updated... might as well just use the blank 

Would be nice to have a better way to end caching though...

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