[whatwg] Offline Web Apps

On Fri, 14 Sep 2007, Aaron Boodman wrote:
> In order to offline-enable bugzilla, you would first need to turn it 
> into an ajax-style application. Where you separate the UI template from 
> the data.
> If you still want to keep the old URLs working, this basically means 
> capturing (and periodically updating) every single possible entry point, 
> even though they will all have the exact same content (the ui template). 
> This doesn't seem reasonable to me.

You could probably do it with the fallback support now.

> > I think the problem here isn't necessarily just the query parameters 
> > though. The problem is more that the application has an open-ended URI 
> > space, and we want to capture the whole thing, without actually 
> > downloading a near-infinite amount of data per user.
> >
> > Another example would be flickr, where there are bazillions of images, 
> > each with their own permalink. Those, though, aren't query parameters.
> That's true, this was a compromise for Gears. Perhaps what's needed is 
> the concept of aliases. The developer could specify every possible 
> address that could be used to access this application.

That's kinda what we have now.

> I still would think you would want some sort of simple pattern matching 
> so you don't have to list every single bug separately, but it would also 
> work for the flickr case you describe.

If by "pattern matching" you accept prefix matching, then that's what the 
spec says. :-)

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