[whatwg] Load SVG via IMG element

My understanding is that SVG should not be scaled to fit given dimensions
because scaling information is provided in the SVG itself. I don't know
about the full status of SVG in browsers, but I know that Firefox supports
some, and the Adobe plug-in is common. A full test suite is available at
A specification for embedding SVG in XHTML can be found at
and Mozilla provides some documentation at

On 10/4/07, Vlad Alexander (xhtml.com) <vlad.alexander at xhtml.com> wrote:
> I noticed that Opera 9.5 can load an SVG image via the IMG element. I
> think this is a wonderful thing. Is there any specification on how this
> should work? For example, I noticed that Opera, for some reason, does not
> scale SVG images to fit the box created by the IMG element's width and
> height attributes. Here is a test page:
> http://xhtml.com/misc/svg-img.htm
> Can someone please point me to any specs on loading SVG via IMG element?
> Regards,
> -Vlad
> http://xhtml.com

Daniel Brumbaugh Keeney
Devi Web Development
Devi.WebMaster at gMail.com
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