[whatwg] HTMLCollections testing

I've tried to figure out which elements are filtered for when getting the  
various collection attributes.


(I've emailed about 001..006 before, this email is about 007..019.)

Below is what doesn't work as currently specced.

document.links (008..011) works as specced, except in Firefox which only  
filters for <area href> when they have a <map> ancestor.

document.anchors (012..016) works as specced, except in IE7 which filters  
for <a> elements that have a non-empty name or id attribute.

form.elements (019) doesn't quite work as specced (in WF2)...:

IE7 filters for <button>, <embed>, <fieldset>, <input>, <object>,  
<select>, and <textarea>.

Firefox filters for <button>, <fieldset>, <input>, <object>, <select>, and  

Opera filters for <button>, <fieldset>, <input>, <keygen>, <object>,  
<option>, <select>, and <textarea>.

Safari filters for <button>, <input>, <isindex>, <select>, and <textarea>.


I don't know whether we want to follow IE on document.anchors or not. I  
don't have an opinion either way.

form.elements should however filter for <object> elements as well, since  
all browsers do that. It will also need to be integrated with the form  
element pointer concept in the HTML parser later on rather than merely  
looking at the ancestors (I don't have tests on this yet though).

Simon Pieters

Received on Monday, 25 June 2007 12:24:31 UTC