[whatwg] Use-cases for <head><noscript> (was: <noscript> should be allowed in <head>)

On Thu, 21 Jun 2007 10:59:18 +0200, Ian Hickson <ian at hixie.ch> wrote:

>> If we want to allow NOSCRIPT in HEAD, then it seems to me that the most
>> logical way to parse non-HEAD content inside it (which would be a parse
>> error) is to pop the NOSCRIPT element and then reprocess as if it was
>> found in HEAD directly.
> That's what I did (though I did it for some head content too; let me
> know if you think there are use cases for the other cases).

I can think of meta refresh as being potentially useful (e.g., if you want  
a news page to update itself, but with XHR if scripting is enabled, or  

Simon Pieters

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