[whatwg] Content Model Restrictions on table>tr in HTML

On Wed, 6 Dec 2006, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
> * Ian Hickson wrote:
> >No conformance criteria are broken if the user agent is assumed to have 
> >"converted" the document to a serialisable form by adding an appropriate 
> ><tbody> element and then serialised that.
> >If the user agent has not, e.g. it shows a tree of what it thinks it 
> >serialised, and that tree doesn't have a <tbody> between the <table> and 
> >the <tr>, then the browser has violated "A table element must not contain 
> >tr elements", under " Restrictions on content models".
> You are now arguing way outside the context and the draft. For example, 
> the draft does not define what is a "serialisable form", when we are to 
> assume a user agent had performed such a conversion, or what it means 
> when something "thinks it serialised" something; and we were talking 
> about authoring tools, not arbitrary user agents and browsers. My tool 
> did not serialize, by my definition of that word, any 'tbody' element, 
> it would be incorrect to claim otherwise.

I disagree, section 8.1. Writing HTML documents is exactly that (a 
definition of what is a "serialisable form"), and there is also the XML 
version (it is, presumably, well understood what it means to serialise a 
DOM to an XML instance).

> What you probably mean is when the authoring tool makes claims about the 
> contents of the generated file. If it claims that the file contains a 
> table element with tr child elements then it would be misbehaving, but 
> not because table elements must not have tr child elements, but because 
> there are no such elements in the generated file. But never mind, I 
> certainly do not want to stop you from torturing people who wish to 
> learn about HTML syntax.

If you could provide constructive and less hostile feedback, I would be 
able to fix the spec. Unfortunately as it stands I actually don't know 
what you would like me to change in the document. Could I ask you to 
elaborate? I certainly would like to change the document to be more to 
your liking.

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