[whatwg] Entity parsing

Once upon a time Ian Hickson shaped the electrons to say...
> I've defined the parsing and conformance requirements in a way that 
> matches IE. As a side-effect, this has made things like "na&iumlve" 
> actually conforming. I don't know if we want this. On the one hand, it's 
> pragmatic (after all, why require the semicolon?), and is equivalent to 
> not requiring quotes around attribute values. On the other, people don't 
> want us to make the quotes optional either.

I think the semicolon is important for readability and clarity - where
does the entity reference end?  There is potential confusion with
similarly named entities: ¬ ∉ ∨ ª º π ϖ
σ ς ⊂ ⊆ ⊃ ¹ ² ³ ⊇
θ ϑ

The semicolon eliminates confusion.

Personally I prefer quoted attribute values too, but I don't feel
that strongly about it.  I just now that with the quotes optional
someone is going to try to list space separated 'class' names. ;-)

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Received on Friday, 15 June 2007 15:58:21 UTC