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[whatwg] XTech 2007 and web-app access to device GPS [was: Geolocation in the browser]

From: Ryan Sarver <rsarver@skyhookwireless.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 15:10:10 -0500
Message-ID: <196FC0416304514B89B50ED2FF17A2402F08B2@BE08.exg3.exghost.com>

XTech hadn't been on my radar, but after checking it out I will
definitely be in attendance. I would be happy to join in on a panel or
host a BoF if you think that would help. Let me know


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Ryan Sarver <rsarver at skyhookwireless.com>, 2007-02-21 15:31 -0500:

> I am the Dir of Product Development at Skyhook Wireless where we have
> Wi-Fi Positioning System - think GPS, but software-only and uses
> Wireless APs instead of satellites. We have been working on developing
> plugin for Firefox that gives a website access to the user's location
> via javascript. User's can control access to this information at the
> domain level in much the same way they control cookies and popups.
> We have been successful in exposing it through the Javascript DOM and
> wanted to start talking with standards bodies about coming up with a
> standard implementation to make location-aware browsing common
> functionality at the browser level.

Are you planning to attend XTech 2007 in Paris? I ask because I've
had a session on the XTech program that relates in part to
enabling web-app access to locating-sensing features on devices:

  Web-app access to "sensors" on mobile devices, May 15 at 2pm

It's part of the "Ubiquitous Web Day" that Dave Raggett is
chairing there.


Anyway, I've been really interested in getting related discussion
going on some mailing lists prior to that (which is what you've
already done here :) and in making the actual session an
interactive one with a lot of participation from the audience, and
in having as much further discussion around it at the conference
as we can manage. I've already been talking with a few others, and
I think we can manage to get a good number of interested people to
show up, so if you can make it to XTech for that, I think it'll be
a good opportunity to start to talk face-to-face with others and
share ideas about this.


Michael(tm) Smith
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