[whatwg] De-emphasis

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007 22:03:04 +0000, Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis wrote:
> David Latapie wrote:
>> Finally, this is not theoretical, except if we consider thousands of 
>> sidenotes as marginal
> This is somewhat tangential to the Great Emphasis Debate, but I just
> wanted to suggest that, in this new medium of ours, the relationship
> between main text and note is arguably not so much one of de-emphasis as
> of hypertext.

Mmhh. Now you make me think. <aside> could be used for de-emphasis 
(?content that is tangentially related to the content around the aside 
element?). That would solve much of the Great Emphasis Debate, methinks 
(they would not be any kind of gradient, but I can live with it).

What does anyone think of it, especially fellows looking for 

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