[whatwg] The m element

On 8 Feb 2007, at 15:23, Leons Petrazickis wrote:

> In the Western world, the standard for highlighting is a neon yellow
> background. I submit that a much better name for <m> is <hi>
> (<hilite>, <highlite>, <highlight>).

I don't like the look of "<hi>" ? it doesn't tell me what it does  
very well. Maybe it stands for Horizontal Italic, or is some kind of  
markup greeting element:

File: <hi>
Browser: <hi>
File: <i have some html for you>
Browser: <cool>

It seems to impart too much of a visual origin too. Like <b> and<i> did.
I still think <mark> would be better. It's short enough not to be  
annoying, and long enough to be self explanatory.

> People don't necessarily mark
> text much -- if anything, "mark" implies underlining, circling,
> drawing arrows...

...or highlighting with a fluorescent marker pen!

> The default styling of <hi> would be a neon yellow background.
> Google's choice of #ffff66 could well be suitable.

If you set the background colour you MUST set the foreground colour too!
mark { background-color: #FF6; color: black; }

- Nicholas.
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