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[whatwg] +/- in SGML DOCTYPE

From: Terje Bless <link@pobox.com>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 00:49:03 +0100
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foolistbar at googlemail.com (Geoffrey Sneddon) wrote:

>ISO 8879:1989 states that SGML public text owner identifier registration
>(i.e., those that start with a + instead of the unregistered -) is defined in
>ISO 9070, which I don't have a copy of. I can, however, quote the summary
>from ISO 8879:1989: "These [registered owner identifiers] include standards
>body identifiers for national or industry standards organisations (similar to
>the ISO owner identifier), and unique codes that may have been assigned to
>organisations by other standards".

Annex K (???Web SGML Adaptations???) to ISO 8879 TC2: [[[

  K.4.6 Internet domain names in public identifiers

  [80] owner identifier =
    ISO owner identifier |
    registered owner identifier |
    unregistered owner identifier |
    internet domain name owner identifier

  [83.1] internet domain name owner identifier =
    "+//IDN ", minimum data
  where the minimum data must begin with an Internet domain name.

    Note 35: A string like "IDN domain.name" or "IDN
    domain.name/sub-domain/sub-domain" is treated as an ISO/IEC 9070
    "registered owner prefix". Any sub-domains of a domain could also
    be identified using owner name components. For example, the Internet
    domain named "someisp.net" and its sub-domains in the URL
    "http://www.someisp.net/users/mtb" could occur in an FPI as:
      +//IDN someisp.net::www::users::mtb
    or as:
      +//IDN www.someisp.net/users/mtb
    Note 36: When constructing a public text owner identifier using
    an Internet domain name, users may wish to consider the name's
    potential lifespan and the lifespans of the objects to be identified.

  Semicolon, exclamation point, asterisk, number sign, commercial at
  sign, dollar sign, underscore, and percent sign are members of the
  abstract character class "special", which is usable in minimum data.

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