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[whatwg] Patent on VP3 / Apple

From: Charles <lists07@wiltgen.net>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 17:38:08 -0800
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> Good to know.

Sure, and sorry for calling your commenter an idiot.  Please pretend I said
the more alliterative "that only the confidently uninformed can come to".

-- Charles

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Good to know.

El Jue 13 Dic 2007, Charles escribi?:
>> Is there anything truthful / false in this comment?
> That commenter is completely sans clues.
> QuickTime does ship with a (deactivated by default) Flash media 
> handler, but it doesn't support VP6.  In fact, it doesn't even support 
> Sorenson Spark.
> Also, VP3 and VP6 are completely different codecs, making the poster's 
> remark that "they would take little additional risk shipping a theora 
> decoder" the kind of comforting conclusion that only an idiot can come
> to.
> -- Charles
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