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[whatwg] The truth about Nokias claims

From: Manuel Amador <rudd-o@rudd-o.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 16:22:56 -0500
Message-ID: <200712131623.01813.rudd-o@rudd-o.com>
Just because AVC is not a standard doesn't mean it's not proprietary.  We call 
proprietary anything that can't be implemented by the whole world without 
third-party permission.  If it serves the interest of the discussion better, 
let's eschew the world proprietary and use the words "non-free" or "unfree", 
both of which describe AVC well.

El Jue 13 Dic 2007, Charles escribi?:
> Marc,
> [The "anti-Ogg camp"] are acting with their shareholders in mind. They have
> everything to gain and nothing to loose as they all have their platforms,
> i.e. Window, OS X, Itunes, cellular handset, that they control/use their
> propiety formats.
> I guess you're implying that AVC/H.264 is "proprietary", which is false.
> AVC is a standard under both the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG)
> and ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG).
> Also, AVC is a de-facto standard. Every iPod supports it. Every PSP
> supports it. Every HD-DVD and Blu-Ray player supports it. The mobile
> ecosystem has long since adopted MPEG-4, and most video services either use
> AVC now or are on track to. Even Adobe, who's had lots of success to this
> point with proprietary formats, has finally adopted it a replacement of
> VP6.
> Comparing apples-to-apples, Ogg Theora isn't a standard. It was a
> proprietary On2 video codec, and it didn't become a standard just because
> On2 gave everyone a royalty-free license, so you can see how some people
> might still think of it as proprietary. The fact that it's open-source
> isn't relevant, since of course there are open-source implementations of
> AVC as well. It was already old technology when On2 gave it away, so it's
> MPEG-1-like inefficiency makes it retro (to put it kindly) on the PC, and
> completely unsuitable for typicaly 3G mobile throughput.
> I hope this has been helpful,
> - Charles


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