[whatwg] Give guidance about RFC 4281 codecs parameter

>>For the case of a bitstream format change, there is version 
>>in the header of a theora bitstream. Major and minor version numbers 
>>are being used similarly to the way that *nix library version numbers 
>>work - anything with a minor change is backwards compatible, but a 
>>major change may not be. So, if a major version number change was to 
>>occur with theora, a new MIME type would probably be required, e.g. 
>>I hope this answers the question?

Likewise for Dirac, there are version numbers to cope with bitstream

We haven't finalised profiles and levels yet, but there will probably be
two profiles, a Main profile covering everything, and a Professional
profile covering a restricted set for professional applications, such as
very low delay coding or intra-only coding. I can't see this profile
being deployed over the internet - it will be for very high bit rate
hardware apps, but if it was, a Main-capable decoder could decode it. 


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