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[whatwg] Section nesting menu and an old HTML 3 friend LH

From: Tim Connor <timocratic@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 11:10:47 -0700
Message-ID: <5906dd440704031110q24d60e0dpd986b8a81ceafdec@mail.gmail.com>
Oops, somehow the list fell off the reply-to chain.

> On 4/3/07, Spartanicus <mk98762 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > In the above case both lists belong to the section established by the
> > h1, if the second list should not be in that section then the second
> > list should not be nested within the first. You'd mark it up something
> > like this:
> >
> > <h1>Car and Bicycle Brands</h1>
> > <h2>Car</h2>
> > <ul>
> >    <li>Nissan</li>
> >    <li>Jaguar</li>
> > </ul>
> > <h2>Bicycle</h2>
> > <ul>
> >    <li>Raleigh</li>
> >    <li>Scott</li>
> > </ul>
> >
> > HTH
> >
> >

On 4/3/07, Tim Connor <timocratic at gmail.com> wrote:
Which is the point to having an <lh> OR sectioning within lists- there
is no way as it is currently specified to have nested headered lists
(which DOES come up). Right?  Is the official answer that all lists
should be flattened to one deep?  This has places it obviously doesn't
work (like nav menus, sitemaps, and other, less site-design specific).

The only reason I came here to bug y'all on this, is I have been doing
valid and semantic markup professionally for years now, and been an
advocate of such, and I do encounter these situations where the
current specs leaves something to be desired.

As I see, there is no way to do this (my more complex variation on
your example), properly, correct?  I intentionally threw in a
mish-mash of ways of doing it, so there is more to work with -
flattened, as you did, lh's and hn's.  We are just supposed to flatten
all lists?

<h1>Car and Bicycle Brands</h1>
  <li><h3>Road Bikes</h3></li>
      <lh>Mountain Bikes</lh>
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