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[whatwg] Dialogue and inline quotations

From: Řistein E. Andersen <html5@xn--istein-9xa.com>
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 00:51:52 +0100
Message-ID: <E1Gf3Oa-000222-00@ws1.ou-data.net>
On 31 Oct 2006, at 9:26PM, Henri Sivonen wrote:

> If printed text in French (and other languages) works with the dialog dash style
> without visual hints where you put the <q> and </q> tags, why would an author
> want to go though the trouble of tagging the dialog like that and then making sure
> that any styling on the <q> element is suppressed?

In some contexts, direct speech is italicised (unlike other words that happen to be
enclosed within the same pair of quotes). Let me quote a passage from Le Monde:

> Le policier ??voque son ??tudiant avec ??motion. "<i>J'ai vite vu sa volont?? peu
> commune d'apprendre et de r??ussir,</i> dit-il. <i>Il avait la souplesse du roseau,
> la volont?? de r??pondre aux attentes du jury, d'adopter les codes culturels, cl??s de
> son int??gration.</i>"

Here, <q> arguably would make sense (instead of <i>, which is what Le Monde
currently uses on its website). I cannot remember to have seen this style
in a novel, though.

??istein E. Andersen
Received on Tuesday, 31 October 2006 15:51:52 UTC

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