[whatwg] Progressive rendering

On Thu, 02 Nov 2006 13:43:37 +0100, Michel Fortin  
<michel.fortin at michelf.com> wrote:
> To draw a parallel, Ian suggested some days ago making <tfoot> legal  
> when at the end of <table>. This has similar implications: it breaks  
> progressive rendering on paged media when the table spans on more than  
> one page (assuming the footer is shown at the bottom of each page, that  
> is).

Tables break progressive rendering anyway. And whether or not <tfoot> is  
allowed at the end of <table> or not, it still has to work identical  
anyway. (It's basically a mapping to some CSS.)

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Thursday, 2 November 2006 07:23:12 UTC