[whatwg] caption (was: How not to fix HTML)

Le 1 nov. 2006 ? 22:01, Jonathan Worent a ?crit :

> I think this is a good idea. Caption could be used with just about  
> any embedded content.
> Taking cues form the label element for forms you could either make  
> the association explicit by
> wrapping the caption around the element its captioning
> <caption>
>    <embed ...>
>    A funny video of a man being hit in the groin by a football
> </caption>
> or make the association implicit by using the for attribute
> <embed id="funnyVid" ...>
> <caption for="funnyVid">A funny video of a man being hit in the  
> groin by a football</caption>

I think what would work best for this is the <figure> element I've  
proposed back in june:

       <caption>Some caption here</caption>

where "..." could be an image, flash or video content, inline or  
external SVG or MathML or anything else. It could be made of block- 
level HTML elements too: <code> could be used for captioned code  
snippets, paragraphs and headers could be used when you need a sample  
document, etc. I see no reason to be restrictive on the kind of  
content that can be captioned.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at michelf.com

Received on Wednesday, 1 November 2006 19:50:23 UTC