[whatwg] [HTML5] Named start values for lists?

Lachlan Hunt wrote:
> dolphinling wrote:
>> HTML5 brings back the |start| attribute on ordered lists. This allows
>> a list to semantically start with a number other than one. It seems
>> like the major use case for this is to split lists up, so that a
>> single list is marked by multiple <ol>s.
> Other use cases include the ability to include an excerpt from another
> list in a page while retaining the list item indexes, or breaking a long
> list across several pages.

It would also be good if the simple number element that has been
discussed over the past few weeks could reference a list item, something
similar to

<p>John's favorite fruit was rumoured to be bananas <sup><n
source="banana_ref"></n></pre>. But this has never been proven.</p>

	<li>Apples Reference Source</li>
	<li id="banana_ref">Bananas Reference Source</li>
	<li>Oranges Reference Source</li>

At the mo this would equate to 2, but if another footnote reference were
added below Apples then it would automagically allow the citation to
change to 3.

If you also wanted the reference to be an anchor (see wikipedia) then
that might make things more complex, however, as you'd need a banana_ref
for the number and an anchor named "banana_anc", perhaps.

Ric Hardacre

Received on Wednesday, 28 June 2006 03:43:57 UTC