[whatwg] Spellchecking proposal #2

On Fri, 23 Jun 2006 07:24:28 +0700, David Hyatt <hyatt at apple.com> wrote:

> If the user wants spell checking on in all textareas, then it should be  
> on, regardless of what the page says.  I don't think the page should be  
> allowed to override spell checking rules, since this is really a user  
> decision.  For example, I know how to spell, so I don't want spell  
> checking on in any controls.  A person with poor spelling, however,  
> might want spell checking on in all controls.  I think it's totally  
> inappropriate for a Web page to have any control over spell checking  
> settings.

I'd say that if the user has globally disabled spellchecking, the author  
should not be able to override this. However, author's ability to  
explicitly disable spellchecking on some elements is meant to improve  

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