[whatwg] Mathematics in HTML5

Le 22 juin 2006 ? 3:52, White Lynx a ?crit :

> Adding CSS extensions makes sense, but I fear it could take  
> infinite time,
> therefore it is better to keep markup within XML/CSS2.1 framework  
> so we could
> start using it today and then gradually improve situations on CSS  
> side.

It will surely take some time. But we also have two open-source and  
widely-used html/xml/css rendering libraries, so, if there is enough  
interest, and if the changes are easy to implement, someone could add  
the CSS extensions to the libraries and the browsers that use them.

I took a look at the WebKit source for the first time this morning  
and I think I found exactly how I could implement the CSS features  
I've talked about. Maybe I should give it a try.

What I fear is that if HTML standardize an inelegant syntax based on  
presentation it may come bite us later on if/when CSS has improved.  
Beside, stretchy parenthesis/braces/chevrons/roots don't seem to be  
in the reach of CSS 2.1 anyway, you'll still have to wait new styling  
improvements for these pretty essential parts, it could be long too.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at michelf.com

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