[whatwg] Mathematics in HTML5

Le 21 juin 2006 ? 12:00, White Lynx a ?crit :

> Michel Fortin wrote:
>> 4.  In the same reasoning, it would be great if there was a way  
>> adjacent
>>      elements could share the same horizontal space, like <sup>  
>> and  <sub>
>>      when they are next to each other:
>>          C<sup>1</sup><sub>2</sub>
> To avoid changes on CSS side in current proposal
> this is achived via special HTML parsing rules that
> treat adjacent indices as stacked.
> <sup>1</sup><sub>2</sub> => <stack><sup>1</sup><sub>2</sub></stack>

I know that. But special parsing rules, just as new CSS properties,  
need changes to happen in the browser. If someone is going to improve  
the browser, it'd be much better to improve the presentational layer  
with a few reusable CSS rules than to add a collection of specific- 
case parser rules changing the DOM for presentational reasons.

>> I'd also add that better support for combining diacritics in
>> Unicode,  designed to stack over each other, would be great for
>> maths too.
> They already are expected to stack over each other.

And that's why I was asking for better support, not design, in the  
sentence above. I mentioned they were meant to stack in case someone  
missed that from one of the previous 195 messages of that very long  
thread, but I admit it could have been formulated better.

Michel Fortin
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