[whatwg] Mathematics in HTML5

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> However, it look better that via native
> MathML support browsers (without downloading and installing special
> fonts).

Comparing anything to a MathML implementation without giving the  
MathML impl the fonts it needs is totally bogus.

Yes, the font special-casing is uncool. See
for how to help fix it in the non-stretchy case. In the stretchy  
case, tight coupling with particular fonts will be required in the  
foreseeable future.

> Whereas George approach will work for any font you desire you

It doesn't "work". The result is ugly! We are supposed to marvel the  
clothes, but the emperor is naked.

> Developers prefer another couple of CSS rules rather than begin  
> from zero
> with a unfriendly spec (MathML).

Developers? Gecko is already well past zero with MathML.

> Addition of general purpose features is defined in CSS 2.1 and may be
> addressed by brosers *in any case*. Last MSIE browser has  
> incremented its
> native support for CSS 2.1 whereas continues ignoring MathML. The
> inline-block CSS bug in Firefox is scheduled and will be fixed in a  
> future
> version.


> specially in next Tim Bray semantic web,

I think you confuse Tim Bray and Tim B-L.

> Since XSL-FO

I don't understand why you keep bringing up XSL-FO. I assure you that  
bringing up XSL-FO in almost every message doesn't help you make your  

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