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>>>> One can also say that authors should not have explicit control  over  
>>>> whether hyperlinks are underlined or not.

>>> The difference is that underlining is presentation, spell checking  is  
>>> not.  The functionality of a link cannot be changed with CSS,   
>>> likewise spell checking shouldn't either.

>> Enabling or disabling spell checking doesn't change the functionality
>> of an input. It can still be used to submit arbitrary text to the
>> server. But misspelled words in an input with spellchecking enabled are
>> underlined with a wavy red line (and the underlining style could even
>> be changed by CSS), and that's presentation.

> And providing alternate suggestions, synonyms et cetera is too? Having  
> some kind of "semantic sheets" would be cool I guess for these kind of  
> things...

I'd say "behavior sheets", not "semantic sheets".

> I guess it looks like it would fit in CSS because the functionality is  
> not strictly needed, but I'm unsure if it's really just presentation...

Ok, it's not just presentation. It's about behavior, too. But I don't  
think that it's wrong to use CSS for behavior. In fact, IE already does  
so, and I think it's one of IE's strengths.

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