[whatwg] Web widgets

Hi Ben,

> A couple weeks ago I was at XTech and talked with some Opera developers 
> about the possibility of standardizing a method of doing "web widgets" 
> similar to the current Opera widgets (and somewhat similar to Dashboard 
> widgets). I am planning on implementing a similar widget functionality for 
> mozilla-based browsers and wanted to share a common API that web developers 
> could count on for multiple browsers.

I remember at least one other person from Opera who was at XTech
who said it sounded like a good idea to consider putting together
a common cross-browser "web widgets" spec.

So... I don't know what kind of schedule you're working under for
your implementation, but it seems like it would be a good idea to
get some focused discussion on this going soon. Perhaps we could
set up a separate "widgets API" (or whatever) mailing list

And, FWIW, I planning to be Mountain View June 18-20 for another
meeting, so if you thought it'd be worthwhile to have a face-to-
face discussion, maybe we can meet (in the evening) on one of
those days.

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