[whatwg] Mathematics on HTML5

On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, Henri Sivonen wrote:
> > 
> > If we made MathML work in HTML, possibly with rules that make the 
> > syntax easier (by implying tags as I suggested earlier)
> The implied stuff seems scary. I was hoping for no more tag inference 
> beyond HTML 4 legacy.

Oh? Why?

> FWIW, I completely agree with James Graham that automatic conversion 
> from LaTeX is *the* top-of-the-list requirement for any kind of Web 
> math. (It follows that it is futile to insist on semantics that you 
> can't pull out of LaTeX as it is normally authored.) I gather that 
> TeX4ht is the state of the art here. That already puts MathML ahead of 
> anything else that WHAT WG could come up with. Running code rules. 
> (Forget latex2html.)

So making MathML+XHTML work in text/html would be a good thing, then? 
(That's basically what I'm proposing here.)

> If the WHAT WG really intends to address math, I think it would make 
> sense to start by interviewing Roger Sidje, Jacques Distler, Eitan M. 
> Gurari and Robert Miner to find out what they think are the problems 
> that need to be solved (if any).

Roger Sidje is the one who originally suggested to me that WHATWG should 
merge MathML into HTML5. I'll send some mails.

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