[whatwg] Simple numbers

Le 6 juin 2006 ? 6:37, Keryx webb a ?crit :

> The first problem is easily remedied. Wrap in a span and apply CSS  
> "white-space: nowrap" or (not quite as elegant) use non-breaking  
> space.

Have you tried using unbreakable spaces instead?

     123 456 789,12

I'm curious to know if a screen reader can read that correctly.

  - - -

Maybe a number element would be valuable, both inside and outside  
formulas, to provide format-neutral machine-readable numeric values:

     <n value="123456789.12">123 456 789,12</n>

But it surly seems a little overkill to write each numeric value  
twice. Duplicating values seems prone to errors. So maybe a number  
with a decimal separator attribute would be a better approach:

     <n dec=",">123 456 789,12</n>

Beside that, it could provide data on other kinds of numbers too:

     <n base="16">329F 2CA0</n>

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at michelf.com

Received on Tuesday, 6 June 2006 07:22:11 UTC