[whatwg] Empty elements

On Feb 15, 2006, at 4:41 PM, Ian Hickson wrote:

>> We're stuck with it forever as well, since most of the Dashboard  
>> widgets
>> use <script src="..."/> in HTML. You can say we're wrong in the spec,
>> but we won't be able to change it. :(

I think we need a dashboard mode, given that this is incompatible  
with all other browsers. I wonder if Mozilla changed it or if we were  
just confused about what it was doing. We can leave the dashboard  
mode just for HTML4 and ignore it for HTML5 doctype. In fact, all the  
widgets I found declare no doctype so dashboard mode can apply to  
quirks mode only.

> That, I'm afraid, is your problem. You may wish to consider having a
> dashboard mode. <canvas>x</canvas> is also parsed differently in  
> Safari
> than in Mozilla and Opera; again, you may need a Dashboard parse  
> mode if
> you ever want to switch to the HTML5 way of parsing <canvas>.  
> (Existing
> Web content has started relying on the HTML5 way.)

Requiring a close tag is technically better (for compatibility with  
browsers that don't support <canvas>). But it is somewhat frustrating  
to have to adapt to someone else's incompatible attempt to copy our  

In any case we may as well start getting the system and example  
widgets changed, since in both cases the compatible syntax <script  
src="foo"></script> and <canvas></canvas> will work in WebKit. I'll  
file some bugs.


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