[whatwg] HTML 5 parsing - not just for browsers?

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> So, will the HTML 5 parsing section be of use here? Will it be of use to  
> things other than browsers? Are there small differences needed because  
> what's being parsed is a document fragment instead of a document? And  
> when it's re-serialized, how closely will today's browsers interpret the  
> original and the new?

A HTML parser is defenitely a thing which isn't only used by browsers.  
Search engines, archivation and comparison tools, web page translators --  
they all need a parser.

About websites like forums and blogs, it can be a bit trickier: many of  
them introduce their own markup (BBcode, LiveJournal tags) in addition to  
allowing some HTML, so they'd need a modified version of HTML 5 parser.

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