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[whatwg] <reset> element?

From: Martijn <martijn.martijn@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 18:25:06 +0100
Message-ID: <6c97b8b10612150925o108bafcdpe44efc7ec133d72d@mail.gmail.com>
On 12/15/06, Dean Edwards <dean at edwards.name> wrote:
> Thoughts?

In Mozilla's xbl the attribute inheritstyle="false" is used for that.
Maybe an attribute would be more appropriate?
I like the idea, because I have this problem also, once in a while.
But how would you be able to style the elements in the widget? I guess
you need to be able to insert a specific stylesheet for the widget


> -dean

Martijn Wargers
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Received on Friday, 15 December 2006 09:25:06 UTC

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