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[whatwg] several messages about XML syntax and HTML5

From: Elliotte Harold <elharo@metalab.unc.edu>
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 09:35:46 -0500
Message-ID: <45743242.7070501@metalab.unc.edu>
Ian Hickson wrote:

> On Sun, 3 Dec 2006, Mike Schinkel wrote:
>>>> Use XHTML, send it with an HTML MIME type, and be happy.
>>> No!
>> Why not?  What's wrong with doing that?
> Well, it's impossible. If you _think_ you're using XHTML, but you process 
> it with an HTML processor (e.g. by sending it as text/html), then you're 
> really just using HTML, with a lot of syntax errors.

But we aren't all using HTML processors all of the time. Many of us are 
using non-HTML processors.

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